Monday, March 1, 2010

Hints for Travel

Just a few travel points I have picked up which will enable you to have more space in your luggage for the important things like fabric etc.
Buy a small travel pack from your local supermarket which has shampoo, conditioner, small deodorant, body wash and moisturiser. I buy a pack called 'travel minis for women'. Why you ask? Each hotel we stay will provide shampoo and conditioner but remember you will be sharing your room. Take turns in taking the shampoo / conditioner as the staff will replenish the supply each. Likewise with shower caps. I buy a small pack of 3 and if the hotel supplies shower caps grab the hotels. You can always leave a note for the domestic staff for more supplies.

Remember you have to carry your own luggage so keep it light. A lesson I have learnt the hard way! - lol

More tips soon!

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