Thursday, August 19, 2010

HInts for Houston

Our trip to Houston and beyon is getting closer - yeah! Just a few little hints I found useful. Comfortable shoes - a must - no fashion required just ocmfort.

If you purchase heaps (and I know you will) instead of carrying your purchases around take them to the cloak room. At a $1 a bag its good value (you can cram a lot into a bag) and will save your shoulders.

Alot of the vendors will ship your purchases back to Australia for you if you a credit card. This is great as it saves on luggage but you don't have the fun of showing what you bought back at the hotel. But once again its worth its merits. I like vendors to ship back any books I purchase as it is still cheaper (including vendors postage) than what the book would be here in Australia.

Postage back to Australia in a post office cardboard box is around $55.00 which is not too bad but you would have to get the hotel shuttle bus to take you to a post office. Stay away from FedEx etc as there rates are quite high.

But of course the less you take over in your luggage the more you can bring home.