Thursday, August 19, 2010

HInts for Houston

Our trip to Houston and beyon is getting closer - yeah! Just a few little hints I found useful. Comfortable shoes - a must - no fashion required just ocmfort.

If you purchase heaps (and I know you will) instead of carrying your purchases around take them to the cloak room. At a $1 a bag its good value (you can cram a lot into a bag) and will save your shoulders.

Alot of the vendors will ship your purchases back to Australia for you if you a credit card. This is great as it saves on luggage but you don't have the fun of showing what you bought back at the hotel. But once again its worth its merits. I like vendors to ship back any books I purchase as it is still cheaper (including vendors postage) than what the book would be here in Australia.

Postage back to Australia in a post office cardboard box is around $55.00 which is not too bad but you would have to get the hotel shuttle bus to take you to a post office. Stay away from FedEx etc as there rates are quite high.

But of course the less you take over in your luggage the more you can bring home.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photocopy all your documentation e.g. passports, travel documents etc in case your handbag is stolen or lost etc. It is much easier to replace if you have a copy.

Buy yourself a travel journal - it is fun to read about your adventures when you return home. My travel journey has stubs from museumsI have visited, drawings of quilts which took my fancy etc.

Batteries for your camera - buy yourself a spare - learnt this lesson the hard way. One battery can be charging whilst you are happy clicking during the day.

Nothing to do with paperwork but whilst I think of it - buy yourself a pack of earplugs. You may not snore but your roommate might! On the plane (even in cattle crush class - economy) you will be given a toiletries bag with toothpaste, toothbrush etc as well an eye mask. The eye mask is great for use in your hotel room.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A few more travel hints!

Laundry - an ongoing problem for travelers.

Keep all your old knickers and bras. Instead of washing them in your hotel room just throw them away each day. Or you can sometimes pick up a multi pack from Dept. stores. Picked up 12 pairs for $8 at Target recently.

Most hotels with laundry facilities have large washing machines available with detergent $1 a cup. If not doing 'undies' two could share a load.

If you like to sleep 'in the raw' please dont as you will be sharing a room !

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hints for Travel

Just a few travel points I have picked up which will enable you to have more space in your luggage for the important things like fabric etc.
Buy a small travel pack from your local supermarket which has shampoo, conditioner, small deodorant, body wash and moisturiser. I buy a pack called 'travel minis for women'. Why you ask? Each hotel we stay will provide shampoo and conditioner but remember you will be sharing your room. Take turns in taking the shampoo / conditioner as the staff will replenish the supply each. Likewise with shower caps. I buy a small pack of 3 and if the hotel supplies shower caps grab the hotels. You can always leave a note for the domestic staff for more supplies.

Remember you have to carry your own luggage so keep it light. A lesson I have learnt the hard way! - lol

More tips soon!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Well fellow travelers everything is finalised! We have 15 ladies heading off to Houston and beyond, rooms and room partners all assigned and now we just have to wait.

Class and workshop registrations at the Quilt Festival are not available until July. The reason I meantion this is when selecting your first registration try not to bookanything too early on the first day as registration (class registration, indentity lanyard etc) can take sometime and the venue is VERY LARGE when trying to find a classroom ! Mid morning classes would be the best.

Over the coming weeks / months I will share tips and tricks I have been taught and learnt myself (I might add here the hard way) for traveling. A friend who travels to the States often has taught me a lot as well my own hardway of learning.

Until next time
gail in gatton

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Can you imaagine yourself walking down this street?